Are you on the cusp of quitting and want to go in style? Does the thought of the office going up in flames as you wreak havoc to middle management warm your heart? Look no further, our BridgeBurner package will ensure your exit is memorable.


Don’t delay, call us now!

We saw you coming.

Our Services –
An overview with pricing

Our prices are carefully calibrated to extract the most money out of your wallet for as long as possible before you realise what an idiot you are. Our services are ‘set and forget’. Simply link your credit card to one of our subscriptions and forget about us.


我们的服务 –


  • Glitter
    We will send you a stovepipe hat filled with glitter
  • Prepaid Envelopes
    20 envelopes for your use
  • Included Consulting Time
    10 minutes – you won’t need more for this

Petty Vengence

A carefully curated range of services for a stingy bastard like you.

Silent Scream

A slightly wider range of resources – for someone with commitment issues.

  • Online Resources
    More stuff you need and even things you don’t!
  • Included Consulting Time
    80 minutes
  • Workers Compensation Playbook
    A copy of our infamous ‘Workers Compensation Playbook’. Stress your way to success. Learn how to harness the magic of this 6 letter word.

  • Online Resources
    All of our documents – and even some that aren’t
  • Included Consulting Time
    300 minutes
  • Workers Compensation Playbook
    A copy of our infamous ‘Workers Compensation Playbook’
  • 50 Hateful Anonymous Notes
    Spread the hate around the office with these anonymous notes. Make a game of it!

    • Hide one in your co-worker’s locker
    • Stick one in the internal mailbox
    • Fan them out on the reception floor

    Use your imagination! If you don’t have one, call us!


With our top level service, your manager will probably quit before you do!