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The Skidrow Tower

Our home away from home. Or often-times just ‘home’.


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Let us introduce ourselves

About the Building

The Skidrow tower has been derelict for the last 20 years. Conveniently located in an abandoned mining town, Skidrow Tower – or ‘Skiddy’ as it is affectionately known by the local meth addicts – is our proud place of business.

We have literately hundreds free rooms to conduct our strategy sessions, training seminars and brick throwing contests.

How it all came to be…

Mostly desperation for money

Isn’t that why you work?

If you just answered ‘Yes‘ it means you’re an exact fit for our ‘BoatAnchor’ package.

Corporate Values

Anchors away!

Lock in the clients

Client retention is one of our three core values. We introduced this value shortly after a mass exodus of clients. Our consultants are judged on their ability to lie through their teeth to keep the money coming in.

Sometimes our best ideas come when we are exhausted

Work long hours

Our consultants work 80 hours a week! Talk about dedication. Who needs to be smart when you can just work harder!

Don’t let them catch you!


Knowing where to find the exit is of utmost importance at HR Troll. Each employee has their own dedicated emergency exit plan – in case of a raid.