Have you been missed for one promotion too many? Overlooked because other members of your team work longer, harder and smarter than you? This is our premium service for those with more dollars than sense. It contains solutions to all your problems.


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Guaranteed to make you so toxic your peers will need to wear gas masks at work!

  • 2018

    You purchase our services

  • 2019

    You remember that you are still paying for our services

  • 2020

    You use our services

  • 2021

    Your workplace culture has shifted from affluence to effluence

    With our expert guidance – of course!

  • 2022

    You are promoted to CEO!

    Congratulations, you couldn’t have done it without us!

  • Online Resources
    Access to our full suite of employment documents
  • Unlimited Consulting Time
    Unlimited is a lot!
  • Bullying Training
    Fight back those capitalist pigs with our bullying training.

    We will fly you to our office and teach you how to duck and dive allegations like the best of them.

  • Worker Compensation Playbook
    Complimentary signed copy of our infamous ‘Workers Compensation Playbook’
  • Hateline
    Our expert team will randomly call your office with abusive messages
  • Social Media Optimisation
    Make sure your grudges get read! Our team will make sure your comments surface to the top


When you deserve the best… and can afford it!